Keep your network protected and your data safe with a comprehensive security package

As technology evolves, so does the means to take advantage of it. We’ll review your entire network and carry out a detailed risk assessment to help your business combat cyber attacks, data breaches and user error incidents.

When it comes to security, vigilance is key. Quite often, small businesses fall victim to data breaches and cyber attacks because they simply don’t have the resource for constant, network-wide monitoring. At Eurotech Services, we provide that resource at a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive risk assessment

We’ll start by scanning your entire network, from shared drives and end-points, to cloud based services like OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. This will allow us to build up a complete picture of your data - how it’s stored, and who has access. We’ll identify any sensitive information that’s vulnerable, then we’ll use advanced software to establish a tangible financial liability sum. This figure will tell you what the cost of any potential breach could be.

Reliable data and network security

Keeping your data safe in today’s digital environment requires more than having an antivirus scanner installed. Cyber attackers are sophisticated and opportunistic, and will take advantage of any vulnerability they can find. To stay truly secure, you need layers of protection including patch management, web security, email scanning and backup recovery.

A full-scale assessment will help us identify any weak links in your security, then we’ll use our advanced resources to build your defenses, decrease risk and detect threats before they become breaches.