by Darren Thackeray

Microsoft 365: What's in it for your business?

When you hear the words 'Microsoft' and '365' in the same sentence, your thoughts will most likely turn straight toward Office 365. However, despite some arguably ambiguous branding, Microsoft 365 is a different beast entirely. While Office 365 is an excellent way of accessing programs we all know and love like Word, Excel and Powerpoint in a neat, shareable, cloud-based interface, Microsoft 365 offers more. Much more. If you aren't aware of what Microsoft 365 is capable of, read on - because your business could seriously stand to benefit.

by Jeff Wiblin

Important Business Update: Things Just Keep Getting Better For Our Customers

In a bold and exciting move, Eurotech Services has recently been acquired by industry veterans and cloud technology experts, Equity Networks. Whether you’re a current customer or thinking about partnering with us, here’s everything you need to know.

by Darren Thackeray

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and GDPR: What are you doing to protect customer data?

by Darren Thackeray

The Beast from the East: Keeping your business moving

Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? It's the notion that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong - and usually at the worst possible time. Never has this seemed more true than when it comes to running your business and managing your IT. Usually this is because things seem to be working fine, but then a big change of circumstances throws a spanner in the works and that problem you never knew existed rears its ugly head. For many businesses across the UK, that big change in circumstances is the so-called Beast from the East. Are you waiting nervously for that problem you never knew existed to crop up?

by Darren Thackeray

Is your business safe in light of the recent Intel chipset bug?

When it comes to minimising risk and maximising productivity, keeping your IT systems secure and up to date is paramount. This is something we do as standard for all of our clients, but what happens when something unexpected happens that you have no control over? It's been revealed that the latest batch of Intel and AMD chipsets could have a serious security flaw that could leave your business vulnerable. Should your business be concerned?

by Darren Thackeray

All Aboard: Don't Get Left in the Cold by GDPR this May

The GDPR train will be leaving the station on the 25th May 2018, and if your business isn't ready it might risk breaking the law. Here's everything you need to know in order to keep your business compliant...

by Darren Thackeray

10 ways to spot an email phishing scam

Email phishing scams can be devastating things. Their sole purpose is to trick your staff into releasing sensitive information that can then be used against your company. Many of these scam emails are easy to spot, but some of these malware campaigns are incredibly sophisticated, employing the use of fake websites and even entire user journeys designed to extract vital information. But what can you and and your staff do to spot these scams and avoid disaster?